Baby Kharisma

I was so excited when my good friend had her beautiful baby! She was so pretty and we were so excited for her arrival. This was my first baby announcement that I designed and I had so much fun working on it!

Size 4x9
Baby Announcement Special: 

$35.00 you receive 30 prints and envelopes 
(includes the custom design)

1 comment:

  1. seriously i kick myself when i look at your cutest announcers. oh the wedding stress i put into the dang announces. anyway. they were great. but you could have taken the stress from my life :)

    anyway. i love your announces. and mostly i just think you are cutest. and i'm frineds with ashton mcmullin and so i assume you are great. because she is a 10. anyway. baby ruby jones is coming in october. and sometimes i might be a crazy mom so you HAVE to remind me (email or whatever) about using you for baby announce.


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