Pricing Information

What do you receive when working with Wistful Moments?
• Unique and trendy design custom to you for no added charge
• A free one hour consultation
• One complimentary announcement design
• Three complimentary e-proofs (announcement corrections) *after three emails a $10 fee per email will incur*
• Text message updates of progress on announcement design

***Envelopes are not complimentary***
For white envelopes .15 cents a piece
ivory envelopes .18 cents a piece

                               ~ { Q & A } ~

Q: Why are clients required to pay before the announcement goes to press?
A: Because the printer charges for the prints once they are off the press. Due to pay-pal and checks taking anywhere from 1-3 days to clear and balance.

: Why is there a charge for corrections after three e-proofs?
A: There is a charge because it takes 15-30min to make corrections to the announcement and then another 10-15min to change the announcement to RGB and attach it to the email. To help you save on this surcharge clump announcement corrections together and submit during your complimentary three email proofs.

Q: How long does it take to design and print?
A: Wistful Moments needs 5-7 days to design and make the necessary corrections before press. Then it takes 1-2 days to receive a press e-proof and then 3-5 days for printing and delivering. * I can take on rush orders it is just an extra $100 dollar fee *

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